Environmental Policy

AKALBATU committed to provide quality products produced safely and helping to protect the environment.

We regard regulation and legislation as the minimum standard to be reached, and we are trying to do it for us.

We are constantly researching new ways to reduce environmental pollution and we are trying to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum.

Our philosophy is to offer products that meet the requirements for suitability to objectives, continuity of supply, cost and environmental impact.

As the needs of the retail sector change, AKALBATU has worked closely with our retail partners to develop economical and environmentally friendly solutions to waste problems.

We Keep the Environment

We commit ourselves with procedures and contingency plans by identifying new technologies and methods to prevent the risks in our activities.

A Cleaner Future

As AKALBATU, we take the necessary measures to reduce the negative impacts on the environment during all kinds of activities for the sustainable and developing future.

Recycling is Life

We Love Our Earth, We Support Recycling. By recycling a significant amount of waste, we are getting reusable raw material.