Health and Safety Policy

As AKALBATU, we regard legislative regulations as the absolute minimum standard, and strive continuously to improve the safety regulations.

AKALBATU Code of Conduct asserts the standards that are expected to be achieved related with the employment conditions, working hours, business practices etc.

The basis of our business model with our employees is professional skills, job / life balances, skills to contribute equally well as part of a different workforce.

We strive to conduct our business in a way that reflects our vision and values.

Our sensitivity to human rights and our labor practices are based on the premises of the Labor Legislation of the Republic of Turkey.

We are committed to providing a fair, respectful and engaging work environment that enables us to improve our professional and personal development to our working teams and contribute to the areas we operate.

We recognize that we have to provide a safe and ethical working environment that allows equal opportunity, education, and personal development.

Investing in the development of our employees maintains our leading position in our national industry.