Kraft Bags & Gift Bags

Automation paper bags have been introduced to the market as an alternative product of plastic bags with the aim of preventing damage to the environment. These bags, which are as cheap as plastic bags and more flashy than them, are preferred both in terms of cost and prestige in the sector.

Paper bags has the superior printing technology with the technology that the flexo technology has today. With 6 color flexo printing, it is possible to get high quality printing results both in plain print and photo print. Automated paper bags are used in sectors such as retail, shoemaking, fast food and food.

Karton Çantalar
Karton Çantalar

The paper bags with the twisted hangle have the same resistance as the plastic and cardboard bags in terms of carrying and durability. Paper bags with twisted hangle offer great convenience in terms of production and usage diversity. Handleless and self-adhesive pouches provide ease of use and speed as a gift package.

Because these paper bags are produced in automatic machines with no manual labor, the price is quite suitable and quality is high.